Top 10 Anime For Fantasy Fans

Anime is well known for transporting us to amazing locations filled with incredible visuals and unique characters, but when it comes to pushing the boundaries of fantasy,  none do it quite as well as these ten. You think you’ve seen knights, magic and monsters before? Check out these contenders!

#10: Drifters

Plucking some of history’s deadliest warriors right out of their time to form a rather violent superhero group makes for quite the culture shock.

#9: Gate

Modern Japan has a new problem to face; a massive gateway to a world of dragons and elves. Best send in the military!

#8: Attack on Titan

Humanity has been brought to the brink by monstrous humanoids known as Titans. Their last hope comes in the form of a corp of youngsters willing to take the fight to the creatures themselves.

#7: Akame ga Kill

With the fearsome Empire tightening its hold on the land, the only chance for liberation lies with the group of assassins known as the Night Raid.

#6: Inuyasha

A young woman is transported back to ancient Japan, where her fate is forever changed upon encountering a half-demon named Inuyasha.

#5: Berserk

Witness the rise and fall of one of anime’s most tortured and badass protagonists; Guts. Fair warning, he kills a lot of people!

#4: The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven powerful warriors named known as the Sins reunite in order to save their home kingdom from corruption and tyranny.

#3: Re;Zero – Starting Life in Another World –

Not only does Subaru awaken to find himself in a world of magic and mysticism, but also for every death he suffers, time itself rewinds to the point where he first arrived in this strange land. Guess what? He dies a lot.

#2: Fate series

In order to triumph in the Holy Grail War, seven historical figures are summoned as servants in a spellbinding battle to the death.

#1: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In order to reclaim their lost bodies, Edward and Alphonse Elric set out to find the mysterious Philosopher’s Stone, all the while using the art of alchemy to battle against the rise of a great evil.

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Top 10 Anime For Comedy Fans

Comedy is certainly a subjective genre, after all what some might find too dark or dirty is another person’s cup of tea. Luckily, anime caters to all sorts, especially when it comes to the LOL department. Whether you’re looking for slapstick or cringe, these ten should more than suffice!

#10: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Witness the daily life of what might just be the most perfect student to ever exist, who manages to accomplish every single task with so much flare it lights up the screen.

#9: Detroit Metal City

An amateur pop singer’s life gets turned upside down when he finds that (much to his annoyance) he has a real talent for thrash metal.

#8: The Devil’s a Part-Timer

It’s the Prince of Darkness working at a fast food restaurant, what more do you need?!

#7: School Rumble

High school romance is a tricky thing, especially for our two hapless leads. All we can do is hold back laughs as each attempted confession ends in a spectacular fail.

#6: Mr. Osamatsu

You don’t know what trouble looks like until you see the six identical Matsuno brothers in action.

#5: Nichijou

There’s nothing mundane about the life of these girls, especially when their school seems to be the battleground between their principal and a badass deer.

#4: Watamote

All Tomoko wants to do is be popular and find herself a boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, everything she does ends up as an embarrassing mess!

#3: One Punch Man

Behold the ultimate superhero, one who is so strong that can literally take out any villain with just one blow!

#2: The Daily Life of High School Boys

Navigating puberty, high school life, their bleak futures and the mystery of the female mind, these boys make every day a hilarious adventure.

#1: Gintama

Aliens have invaded, the samurai are a thing of a past, and the rent is due. What’s a silver haired swordsman to do? Make us laugh our asses off!

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Top 10 Anime For Action Fans

BULLETS! EXPLOSIONS! FIGHTS! MORE EXPLOSIONS! It just goes to show that Hollywood isn’t the only one that knows how to craft epic action pieces. Through some rather breathtaking animation, these series have managed to show off just how creative and thrilling the genre can be while meshed together with a gripping story. Prepare for awesomeness.

#10: Katanagatari

Tasked with finding twelve legendary katana, a young swordsman (without a sword) teams up with a genius strategist to seek them all out. You will believe a fist can defeat a sword after this!

#9: Drifters

History’s greatest warriors are gathered together to help defeat history’s greatest villains! Brought to you the guy who made Hellsing Ultimate!

#8: Cowboy Bebop

Epic martial arts showdowns, wild gun fights and even spaceship dogfights. Just a day in the life of Spike Spiegel.

#7: Kill la Kill

Behold the most hardcore magical anime you’re ever going to see in your life! A young woman takes on a super-powered school to find her father’s killer, all the while wearing the most erotic battle attire you can imagine.

#6: Darker than Black

Supernatural abilities and global conspiracies mesh together as various paranormal agents end up clashing following the arrival of an anomaly known as Hell’s Gate.

#5: Hunter x Hunter

A cast of lovable yet badass characters set out to earn the title of Hunter so as to make their individual dreams possible, encountering all manner of monsters and villains along the way.

#4: Samurai Champloo

Swordsmen, hip hop and Steven Blum. What more could you want?!

#3: One Piece

Set sail for adventure, merriment, and the sight of countless pirates with inhuman kicking the crap out of each other!

#2: Dragon Ball Super

Once you really get into it, this series manages to elevate many of the fights that made Dragon Ball Z such a winner to brand new heights.

#1: “Black Lagoon”

An island dominated by criminals, a for-hire service that always ends up embroiled in violent escapades, and a gun-wielding sociopath named Revy. Add it all together and what do you get? A non-stop barrage of epicness.

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Top 10 Anime For Horror Fans

Are you hungry for scares? Do you long to see creatures from the deepest corners of your nightmares come to life on the screen? Bloodbaths? Psychotic breakdowns? Then anime has you covered! Specifically these ten, which raise the horror and gore to a whole new level. Don’t blame us for your newfound fear of the dark.

#10: Paranoia Agent

The only thing scarier than a young hoodlum beating bystanders down with a gold baseball bat is the madness that grips the town in the aftermath.

#9: Hellsing Ultimate

A gun-wielding Dracula takes on the things that go bump in the night…including Nazi vampires and fanatical Catholics.

#8: Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Sit back and watch as a group of helpless students are torn apart by ghosts in the most brutal of ways.

#7: Shiki

Vampires start cropping up in a small village, eventually turning the inhabitants into crazed killers themselves who will do anything to make sure the bloodsuckers are wiped out.

#6: When They Cry

Overlapping timelines, murder and insanity blend together as we discover that every girl in this town is out of their damn minds!

#5: Terra Formars

Giant humanoid cockroaches who love nothing more than to tear apart humans with their bare hands. Nope, nope, a million times nope!

#4: Monster

Witness the rise of one of anime’s greatest villain; Johan Libert. Why is he so terrifying? Because he’s so human.

#3: Tokyo Ghoul

After a freak accident, a young man finds himself turned into a hybrid of human and a creature known as Ghoul. Caught between both worlds, he has to try and balance his humanity as well as his new craving for human flesh.

#2: Another

You might as well call this anime Student Murder Simulator, because that’s all you’re going to see! At least the kills are creative.

#1: Parasyte

Aliens have invaded the Earth and taken over the bodies of humans, turning them into walking weapons that hunger for flesh. The only thing stopping them from domination is a student and his own intergalactic paradise; one that took over his hand instead.

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J.J. Abrams To Direct Adaptation Of Your Name


The Star Wars franchise owes a lot to J.J Abrams. He helped to bring it out of its slumber and give us the now beloved Force Awakens. He’s a very competent filmmaker whose talent can’t be denied.

But what’s this we hear about he and Paramount Pictures planning to make a Hollywood version of Makoto Shinkai’s anime movie Your Name?! 

We’re not saying that anime shouldn’t be adapted (despite the recent influx of horrible attempts) but there are just some things that you should really consider leaving alone. For example, Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name! After all, many consider it to be one of the greatest entries to ever come from the medium.

Though who are we to criticize , especially since Makoto Shinkai himself has given the project his blessing.

According to an article on Crunchyroll

According to Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams via his Bad Robot banner (Alias, Lost, Star Trek, Star Wars) are teaming up to adapt hit anime movie Your Name.  Oscar-nominee Eric Heisserer (Arrival) has been tapped to write a script for a live-action movie.

Also producing is Genki Kawamura, the producer of the original 2016 film. Paramount and Bad Robot will work with Toho Co., which produced the original, on the development of the project. Toho will handle distribution of the film in Japan.

Your Name is a film created with the innate imaginations of a Japanese team and put together in a domestic medium,” said Shinkai in a statement. “When such a work is imbued with Hollywood filmmaking, we may see new possibilities that we had been completely unaware of. I am looking forward to the live-action film with excited anticipation.”

There is no doubt there will be some who see this is as a terrible decision, but then again with enough talent people behind the camera, perhaps You Name’s beauty will shine even in a western adaptation.

Cast For English Dub Of A Silent Voice Have Been Named

Can They Do This Modern Gem Justice?

The dub vs sub argument is an old and tiring one in the world of anime. Sometimes the English version excels and other times it doesn’t, it’s just the way that things works. However, one can’t help but be curious to see who is voicing who when it comes to a juggernaut like A Silent Voice. 

Given how it has gone on to become one of the most acclaimed anime movies of all time and is even in the running for an Academy Award, any future adaptation of dub automatically has a high bar to meet.

However, we now know who will be leading the charge when it comes to the English dub.

According to an article on Crunchyroll

Anime Limited has big plans for their release of anime movie A Silent Voice (aka Koe no Katachi). IIn Edinburgh on Tuesday 17th October, it will be the World Premiere screening of the dub at the Filmhouse cinema as part of the Scotland Loves Anime Film Festival. Then home video releases hit the UK on October 30th. Preparing for this, they have announced the English dub cast.

Shoya Ishida Robbie Daymond
Shoya Ishida (in year 6 at school) Ryan Shanahan
Shoko Nishimiya Lexi Cowden
Naoka Ueno Kira Buckland
Naoka Ueno (in year 6 at school) Gia Grace
Miki Kawai Amber Lee Connors
Miki Kawai (in year 6 at school) Annabelle Corigliano
Miyoko Sahara Melissa Hope
Mikoko Sahara (in year 6 at school) Catie Harvey
Hirose (in year 6 at school) Brian Bekerle
Kazuki Shimada Michael Sinterniklaas
Kazuki Shimada (in year 6 at school) Spencer Rosen
Yuzuru Nishimiya Kristen Sullivan
Yaeko Nishimiya Lipica Shah
Ito Nishimiya Janis Carol
Miyoko Ishida Sara Cravens
Nagatsuka Graham Halstead
Satoshi Mashiba Max Mittelman
Maria AnnaBelle Deaner

With the likes of veteran voice actor Stephanie Sheh in the director’s chair, there is hopefully every chance for this dub to pack just as much of an emotional punch as the original!

For a refreshing reminder, be sure to check out the trailer for A Silent Voice below!

Top 10 Best Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

He is vengeance, he is the night, and he gave us one of the best cartoons ever aired. With it’s incredible storytelling, unforgettable characters and revolutionary take on the Batman lore, you would be hard pressed to find a show better than this. Well, maybe Justice League, but that still had Batman in it! Out of all his caped crusades, these are by far his best.

As you might expect, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: “The Laughing Fish”

The Joker tries to start a business, and as you might expect there’s a sinister twist to it. The episode also features a shark battle that doesn’t require a repellent spray!

#9: “Perchance to Dream”

Bruce Wayne wakes up to discover his life is perfect and he is no longer Batman. Is this paradise, or just too good to be true?

#8: “Beware the Gray Ghost”

Batman and Adam West team up to stop a bomber in what has to be one of the best homages to the Dark Knight of old.

#7: “Joker’s Favor”

An innocent bystander is roped into one of The Joker’s schemes to assassinate Commissioner Gordon, not to mention this is the episode that introduced us to Harley Quinn!

#6: “Robin’s Reckoning”

We see the origins of the Boy Wonder as the man responsible for killing his parents resurfaces, tempting him to cross the line from hero to killer.

#5: “Mad Love”

Harley’s past with The Joker is explored, as well as the sad truth of their abusive relationship.

#4: “Two-Face”

Batman loses a friend and gains an enemy as lawyer Harvey Dent makes the transformation into schizophrenic gangster.

#3: “Almost Got ‘Im”

Batman’s greatest enemies discuss the times that they almost killed The Caped Crusader over a game of poker.

#2: “Heart of Ice”

Mr Freeze is introduced, and with him an icy tale of revenge and tragedy.

#1: “Over the Edge”

Batman’s world is shattered after Batgirl is killed and Commissioner Gordon goes on the warpath to make sure that the Dark Knight is tossed behind bars.

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Top 10 Cutest Anime Couples

These pairings are the sweetest that anime has to offer! Their chemistry has made us laugh and brought tears to our eyes, but in the end they always leave us feeling warm and fuzzy! But which couple comes out on top in the lovey dovey department?

Be warned, there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Kirito and Asuna

Anime and RPGs combine to give us a divisive yet tender pairing that will make you believe video game marriage is real!

#9: Ed and Winry

She didn’t just design the automail that keeps the Fullmetal Alchemist on his feet, she also stole his heart while she was at it.

#8: Inuyasha and Kagome

Every dog has his day, and in this case it’s earning the love of the sweet school girl who has been with the half-demon through thick and thin.

#7: Okabe and Kurisu

In the midst of a murder, time travel and collapsing realities, these two scientists still manage to find affection in each other.

#6: Naruto and Hinata

It took a while, but the future Hokage was eventually able to recognise how much the Hyuuga heiress cared for him, leading to rather romantic kiss by moonlight.

#5: Domon and Rain

What would a Gundam fighter be without his engineer? It just so happens Rain needs the hot-headed Domon just as much.

#4: Koyomi and Hitagi

After being attacked by a vampire and beaten to a pulp by supernatural entities, Koyomi Araragi has more than earned a break. In this case, it’s be finding solace in his equally broken classmate.

#3: Ryuji and Taiga

Their relationship started off more than a little rocky and only as a means to set each other up with different people. Fate obviously had other plans as the two soon discover they were made for each other.

#2: Isaac and Miria

Air-headed, immortal and totally devoted to each other, the love between these two literally transcends time.

#1: Simon and Nia

They loved each other so much that they got hitched just moments before she passed away. Talk about true love.

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Top 10 South Park Moments That Almost Made Us Puke

Prepare to be grossed out in the funniest ways possible. It’s well known that South Park doesn’t skip out when it comes to shock humour, so much so that over the years and their many seasons they have managed to amass quite the amount of puke-inducing moments. They’re crude, clever, hysterical and jaw-dropping, with these ten standing at the top of the sickening pile.

As you might expect, the are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: Ocean of Pee

Aside from all the minority jokes, the biggest shock from this episode came when an entire water park was flooded with urine and drowned a lot of the cast in the process.

#9: Mr. Mackey & Ms. Choksondik Get It On

Two of South Park’s resident teachers can no longer contain their lust and start to have sex…while we’re forced to watch.

#8: Kenny’s Addiction

After discovering that having cats pee in your face makes you hallucinate voluptuous women, Kenny goes all out.

#7: Cuttlefish & Asparagus

Kyle forgets to read the small print while purchasing a new iPad, and as a result ends up as part of a human centipede.

#6: Animal Antichrist

Cartman narrates a delightful Christmas tale about the adorable woodland critters…who are praising the fact one of them is about to give birth to the Antichrist. They then celebrate with a blood orgy.

#5: Mr. Slave vs. Paris Hilton

Paris ends up losing the “whore-off” when Mr Slave manages to stick her up his backside in one go.

#4: Defecating Through the Mouth

South Park discovers that if you stuff food through your behind, you can actually spit out faeces through your mouth. The craze soon catches on.

#3: Live-Action Mr. Hankey Commercial

We see a whole family play around with an actual Mr Hankey at Christmas…

#2: The Death of Chef

Chef meets a rather unfortunate end…and by that we mean he falls off a bridge, gets shot several times over and is torn apart by wild cats, all followed by his corpse suffering a massive bowel movement.

#1: Scott Tenorman Eats His Parents

Cartman manages to get revenge on his bully by having his parents killed, turned into chilli and then tricking him into eating them.

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Top 5 Fitness Accessories

Whether you’re an olympic athlete or an amateur runner, everyone can benefit from a few great fitness accessories to either boost your performance or track your progression. Although these aren’t necessary for any activity or sport, they’re definitely little things to add to your accessory arsenal that can make whatever you’re doing more comfortable, more trackable, and your recovery less painful.

#5: Wireless Headphones

Bose has consistently made some of the best speakers and headphones on the market. Known for their unmatched sound and rich quality, there’s a reason they’re still on top. These SoundSport Headphones carry all of the usual Bose qualities but in a killer wireless format that’s perfect for sports or any fitness related activity.

#4:Yoga Mat

Possibly one of the most under rated fitness practices, Yoga is credited in having changed a plethora of lives in the sports and fitness world. From professional athletes saying it’s increased their focus to every day gym freaks claiming it’s completely rid their bodies of aches and pains, Yoga is not to scoff at. Whether you’re looking at introducing yourself to the practice or you simply want a comfortable mat to perform stretches or bodyweight exercises, a yoga mat a great addition to your home.


#3: Fitbit Charge 2

One of the most popular lifestyle and fitness accessories today, fitness watches have become more and more mainstream with the rise of products such as the Fitbit. Whether you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level or simply looking at tracking your progress, fitness watches are a definite option if you’re looking at stepping up your fitness game.

#2: Nike Hooded Sweatshirt

With the coming cold weather and dropping temps, it’s only normal that we recommend some quality cold weather gear. Weather you’re a runner or a gym-goer, it’s important that you stay warm and quality fabrics do make a difference when it comes to wicking away sweat and keeping your core temperature in a proper range. This Nike Hooded Sweatshirt is just perfect for that, providing the best of both worlds.

#1: Foam Roller

The undisputed champion of our list…the famed foam roller. Whether you play sports, hit the gym, or swim, the foam roller is an essential tool that should be in every active person’s arsenal. If you’re having any pain anywhere, the foam roller is bound to save you from a trip or two to the sports doctor or chiropractor. It steals the number one sport for its versatility and application to everyone in almost every sport or fitness related activity.