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Universal Studios Wants to Put You Through Hell at Halloween Horror Nights

If you’re able to make it out to one of four international Universal Resort Parks this Halloween season, you might just run into some of your favorite horror movie bad guys! The teams behind Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, the resort’s annual haunt event, have just finished announcing all of this year’s event and is it ever a stacked lineup! Houses, scare zones, live performances and everything in between will be on display when the festivities start in mid-September.

Familiar Faces

The yearly event sees horror’s biggest properties taking the park hostage to scare anyone brave enough to enter. Past haunted houses have included takes on The Exorcist, The Cabin in the Woods and Halloween, and while these won’t be returning for this year’s event, anyone looking to see similar top tier IP’s certainly wont be disappointed.

Houses based on The Shining, American Horror Story, Ash vs. Evil Dead and Saw will appear at both of Universal’s American parks (Orlando and Hollywood), as well as a full house based on the films of Blumhouse Productions, where guests will be able to walk through their favorite horror movies of recent years including Insidious, Sinister and The Purge.

Fresh Scares

Universal Orlando has also announced four entirely original houses that will appearing, including The Hive, which draws inspiration from the classic tale of Nosferatu, and Scarecrow: The Reaping, which sees park guests walking through an abandoned farm infested with killer scarecrows.

West coast visitors will see The Walking Dead house return yet again, a house that has been a staple to the Halloween Horror Nights event for the past few years, as well as a house titled Titans of Terror which brings together three legends of horror (Leatherface, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger) for what has been described as “an assault on your sensibilities”.

Horror fans outside of the U.S. can also visit Universal Parks in Singapore and Japan, and while those parks wont be seeing quite the same mazes as their American counterparts, house names like “Death Mall” and “Deadman’s Forest” just might force us to impulse buy a plane ticket.