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Top 10 Scariest Monsters in Anime

Its the law of the anime universe; for every magical girl, there must also be a new breed of horrifying monster. With too many unique and nightmarish creatures to count, we’ve put a list together of what we believe to be the kings and queens of bloodshed!

As you might expect, be on the look out for MATURE CONTENT.

#10: Yoma

Not sure what’s more unsettling about these guys, their hunger for human flesh or their ability to shape-shift. Their strength is so great that the only ones who can hope to take them down are the all-female, half-Yoma warrior known as Claymores.

#9: Angels

While each differ in their appearance and destructive abilities, these less than benevolent alien beings are each giant in stature and can easily break apart any ill-prepared EVA pilot. Sachiel and Ramiel especially know how to make an entrance.

#8: The God Hand

These five are revered as angels among monsters, able to influence humanity for worst and seem to thrive on the torment of others. Given how they managed to convert Griffith to their side, we’d say they’re doing a pretty good job so far.

#7: Benge

As a Barbarois, this high-pitched freak of nature possesses a whole host of frightening abilities, most notable the ability to manipulate shadows.

#6: Parasites

It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, only with a lot more razor blades and cannibalism. After infecting their human host, these tiny intergalactic entities turn them into literal walking Swiss army knives. Ones that happen to have a taste for blood.

#5: Boar Demon

By itself, the Boar God Nago isn’t that intimidating to look at. However, sprinkle it with some corruption and all of a sudden its one of Miyazaki’s creepiest creations.

#4: Human-Fish Hybrid

In a film that features sharks with robotic legs, a monster that’s part undersea beast, part mangled human still stands out as the most disturbing.

#3: Gauna

They tore the Earth in half, can only be defeated by a mecha, and are coated in a fleshy substance known as a placenta. Eww.

#2: Terraformars


#1: Titans

They have driven mankind to the brink of extinction, ate the main character’s mother in the first episode, and unless your name is Levi they can’t be easily killed by humans.

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