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Top 10 Metal Gear Solid Bosses

Hideo Kojima’s masterfully crafted series about espionage, genetics and a badass solider named Snake has no shortage of epic boss battles. For this list, we’ll be looking at ten characters that best emphasize the complexity and craziness of Metal Gear Solid’s world!

Warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

#10: Sniper Wolf

The beautiful Iraqi sniper that forces players to put their patience and aiming to the test…unless you totally cheat by using stinger missiles.

#9: Metal Gear Sahelanthropus

Sometimes you just can’t beat gunning down a giant robot, especially one that can walk and comes armed to the teeth.

#8: Liquid Snake

Is there anything more manly than fighting your shirtless evil British twin atop a burning robot with your bare hands? We didn’t think so.

#7: Metal Gear Ray

While a battle against this sleek-looking beast would be awesome in of itself, the fact you get to crush it while piloting your own Metal Gear elevates it to legendary status!

#6: Solidus Snake

As the third and final clone of Big Boss, this former U.S President more than earned his place by not only having a boss battle that focused on swordplay, but also explored his grim history with Raiden.

#5: The End

Don’t let his age fool you, this sniper can literally shoot you from any angle and blend into the environment like a chameleon. If you’re having trouble tracking him down, you can just wait it out for a few days and eventually he’ll just pass away. But where’s the fun in that?

#4: Liquid Ocelot

The emotional conclusion of the fourth game also came with three layers of nostalgia for longtime fans. This fusion of Snake’s two greatest foes can only be defeated by pummeling his face in via the mechanics of the three previous games.

#3: Steven Armstrong

Why is this senator the epitome of testosterone fueled awesomeness?  Well, he kicked the crap out of Raiden, is infinitely quotable, and he played football in college.

#2: Psycho Mantis

Before it was commonplace, this gas-mask wearing telekinetic blew our minds by making our controllers move, changing the TV channel, making us switch ports, and even reading our MEMORY CARD?!

#1: The Boss

The background. The music. The combat. The build-up. All of it leads to heartbreaking conclusion as both Snake and the player are forced to kill their former mentor in an act that would forever ripple across the franchise.

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