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The Evil Within 2 Developers Talk Horror

They Really Want To Make Us Scream…

The first Evil Within game certainly had the elements of an excellent horror game, and while it fell into a few pitfalls along the way, it wasn’t without a rather gripping sense of dread.

Not to mention some really messed up boss battles.

Now the developers are back, and they have their sights on scaring the crap out of every gamer who picks up a copy of the sequel. In preparation for the release of The Evil Within 2 in October, the likes of director Shinji Mikami, game director John Johanas, and writer Trent Haaga revealed their thoughts on the genre during an interview with Gamesradar –

Why Shinji Mikami Loves Horror

“Some people love to go into a haunted house,” Mikami explains through a Japanese interpreter. “Other people may get a thrill from riding a roller coaster. I love getting into horror games. That’s how I am. What I don’t like the most are ferris wheels. They’re really scary, no thank you to that.”

Why John Johanas likes making people scream

“It’s kind of a weird question,” Johanas begins, taking a moment to think. “I mean, I grew up playing horror games. But when you make something, the goal is to get that sort of visceral response out of an audience – especially nowadays when you can literally watch people play on YouTube or Twitch or something. And you get to see people emotionally affected by things you make.

“It’s rewarding in a different way, especially if you’re someone who makes horror games, to see that what you make literally had an effect on how someone’s experiencing something. And it’s much more extreme than in other formats of games, I think.”

Why Trent Haaga loves a bitter pill

“I’m a horror guy, I have been for years, it’s primarily what I make,” Haaga says. “And I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I love the taste of a bitter pill. You know what I mean? This is a delivery system for truths that are a little bit cynical that we don’t want to acknowledge. And just doing sort of a dank prison drama doesn’t give deliver the same message in a way that a sort of a bitter pill that you enjoy taking does. That’s what horror is. You know, you’ve got monsters and whatever, but ultimately this is a story about a guy who loses his daughter and is on a redemptive quest to try to get back what he’s lost, and that’s what’s underneath there, in the middle of the bitter pill. And I love that, I love horror. Because of the delivery system that it provides.”

Check out the trailer for The Evil Within 2.