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Pikachu vs Team Skull: Dance Battle

Pikachu Got Moves!

In what has to be the best commercial for the Pokemon trading card game ever put to screen, everyone’s favorite electric mouse finds itself in a dance off against the likes of Sun and Moon antagonists Team Skull.


It’s totally random, but in all fairness we’ll take any excuse to watch a group of Pikachu throw down with dancers who look like they got lost on their way to a convention.

Check out the video to see the dance battle in all its glory.

Now all we need is Channing Tatum to appear in the sequel and we’ll be well on our way to making a franchise that nobody knew they wanted.

Speaking of Sun and Moon, check out our list below on what we believe to be the best Pokemon to ever come out of the Alola region.

#10: Kommo-o

For every new generation, there must also come new pseudo-legendaries! In this instance we got the franchise’s very first dragon/fighting type! After grinding your Jangmo-o to level forty five, you’ll be greeted by this fearsome beast who may not have the best stats when it comes to base health but it’s an obvious choice for any trainer who needs that little bit of extra muscle in their team. Oh, and those scales just aren’t for decoration, it purposely shakes them as to warn potential threats that it’s not to be messed with. Would not want to get on its bad side…

#9: Rowlet

Aww, look at this little thing! It’s so cute you just want to squeeze its face off! (Ahem) Taking the place of your typical grass-type starter, Rowlet may be the most adorable owl you’ll ever met and he even has his own little bowtie, but much like those that came before it, with plenty of levelling up it will go from cute to badass in no time. Evident from when it reaches its final form of Decidueye, a Pokemon that’s not only a skilled grass/ghost type, but also as the ability to let loose leaf-based arrows from a makeshift bow. Who knew Pokemon needed its own Robin Hood?

#8: Cosmog

Not only does is its appearance a pretty unique one, but this Nebula Pokemon is actually a legendary, one that is capable of creating Ultra Wormholes, portals that lead to the cosmic plain of Ultra Space. While we’re thankful for the fact this little guy can lead us to the home of some of the seventh generations’ most awesome new Pokemon, we can’t forget that once fully evolved itself, it does become the titular legendaries Solgaleo or Lunala depending which version of the game you have, and after you see those bad boys in action it’s fair to say Cosmog starts to look like more than just a colourful cloud.

#7: Golisopod

What started as a pretty common Pokemon you would find dangling along the edges of Route 8 would eventually go onto become a solid member of any aspiring trainer’s team as soon as the cowardly Wimpod evolved into an arthropod of destruction in the form of this Bug/Water type. With a tendency to meditate just as much as it likes to carve away anything that gets in its path, you won’t be looking at bug types the same way again should manage to score one of these in your party.

#6: Bewear

Aww, look there’s another cuddly – oh my god that thing is huge! Don’t be fooled by the fact that this Pokemon looks like a giant teddy bear come to life, it’s size and astounding strength mean that at best you’re going to end up in a spine-crushing hug, at worst you’re going to get the stuffing beaten out of you. Regardless, should you want to add one to your team, you won’t have to wait long for its previous form to level up, after which with enough time and training it can easily be turned into the ideal candidate to knock some sense into Team Skull.

#5: Tapu Koko

While not exactly a legendary, the concept surrounding this and the other guardian deities of the Alola region are none the less fascinating. Out of all four choices, our pick had to go to the being that watches over and protects the inhabitants of Melemele Island…at least when it feels like it. As an Electric/Fairy type known for its explosive temper, this particular deity can certainly be a lot to handle but nonetheless plays a key part in Sun and Moon’s narrative, saving the player character from death and even taking on the likes of a rampaging Ultra Beast in order to protect the island. The deity they deserve? Maybe. The deity they need? Absolutely.

#4: Guzzlord

What could make these games any better after taking down Team Skull and becoming the Champion of Alola? How about taking on destructive Pokemon from Ultra Space as part of a task force? Sign us up! Out of all the Ultra Beasts our pick goes to the most dangerous of the bunch, one that is quite literally nothing but mouth! Known to have swallowed up mountains and armed with a lethal set of jaws, this Dark/Dragon type won’t be an easy catch unless you’ve come prepared. Just make sure you don’t become this Junkivore’s next snack!

#3: Litten

Take the ferocity and flames of a Charizard and wrap it all within the body of a kitten, and you get Alola’s fire starter. Now with ten percent more cuteness! Even if its fluffy appearance does nothing for you, this rather solitary Pokemon might just win you over from choosing another other starter with what it has in store with its evolutionary line. After all, can you really turn away a kitty who will one day evolve into what’s essentially a feline professional wrestler that comes armed with blazing lariats? Yeah we didn’t think so.

#2: Alolan Raichu

X and Y had already introduced us to the concept of Mega Evolutions, but Sun and Moon decided to take it a step further with regional variants; Pokemon born a different way than you would expect to see in any other region in the Pokemon World. We had a lot to pick from, but out of them all we had to go with Alola’s answer to Raichu. What once felt like second-hand Pikachu has now not only become infinitely cuter, but is now part Psychic type and most importantly of all it uses its tail like a surfboard!

#1: Mimikyu

It’s a concept that should not have worked. On paper, it sounds like an awful idea for a Pokemon and that’s even by Pokemon standards! But somehow with nothing more than a rag crudely cut in the shape of a Pikachu, this Disguise Pokemon took the internet by storm! Its backstory also sets itself apart from the crowd, with its true form apparently being so horrendous that it caused a researcher to die of shock, and it now wears its bizarre veil in order to get closer to trainers and other Pokemon without scaring them away, hoping to end its loneliness. Poor little guy just wants a friend!