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Life Is Strange Developer Teams Up With Bandai Namco

Gaming’s Latest Odd Couple?

While Life is Strange 2 is confirmed to still be in the works, it seems that Dontnod Entertainment (the team behind Max Caulfield’s time-altering tale) have partnered up with gaming giant Bandai Namco Entertainment to create a totally original IP. One rumored be unveiled sometime in 2018.

Is this a recipe for disaster or a match made in heaven?

During an interview with MCV, a representative from Bandai Namco revealed how enthusiastic they were about the collaboration, hoping to repeat the success they had when they teamed up with Tarsier Studios to create Little Nightmares. 

“We want new IPs to make up 50 per cent of our business, and we’re achieving this by developing long-term partnerships with a few studios,” Hervé Hoerdt, VP of marketing and digital told MCV.

“The first visible part of this was Little Nightmares, and we’ve been extremely happy with it, but this is only the start of something. We also recently released Get Even, and now we’re very happy to partner with Dontnod. Dontnod was a kind of rough diamond – very much a rising star, I would say – and with the success of Life is Strange, it’s the first big player in terms of quality business model, vision, and we think that’s a good strategy that fits. It was the right moment, so we decided to partner with them.”

Hoerdt also said the game’s location will be key to attracting as broad an audience as possible around the globe: “It will be located in a fictional place in the US because we think that today, to establish a new brand with a western audience, it helps to win with the US market, so part of the choice in setting]is having this global worldwide audience in mind. Obviously, the UK benefits from this, which also helps in broadening the audience, so this is very important. It’s a completely new story, new characters and everything.”

“Obviously, with a studio like Dontnod, you can expect triple-A quality; you can expect a very emotional experience, and this is what we were looking for, like with some kind of investigation and going deep into the psychology of the characters, and giving emotion to the player. This is what we’re aiming for with this partnership.”


Hey, as long as they can bring the feels, we’re more than happy to buy what they’re selling!

While its not much to go on, we do have a snapshot of where this new IP is set.