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Is Call of Duty WWII Zombies Actually Going To Be Scary?

Less Zombieland, More Walking Dead?

Nowadays when people put “Call of Duty” and “zombies” in the same sentence, images of mindless hordes getting gunned down with minimal effort spring to mind. While it is still a beloved staple of the series, its been a long time since the undead of the COD universe actually frightened us.

Heck, the underage trolls you find in online matches are scarier.

At least up until now, as it seems like the boys behind Call of Duty WWII aren’t only taking the series back to its roots but are also putting an emphasis on genuine horror.

In an interview with Gamesradar, the developers gave some insight into the mindset behind this new breed of COD zombie.

If human conflict is at the heart of the Call Of Duty series, then Zombies is its churning guts. Expect a new take on the classic mode from Call Of Duty WW2 thanks to the horror pedigree of the men leading its development this time around.

Glenn Schofield and I, and a lot of the Sledgehammer team, made Dead Space,” explains Michael Condrey, studio head at Sledgehammer Games. “So we’re excited to put our stamp on Zombies, that’s sort of where our legacy lies, in a darker, more terrifying approach.”

The story this time around is inspired by the Monuments Men, the historical group that went on to be the subject of a terrible George Clooney movie. “There was a group of men and women, scientists and academics, searching for stolen art by the Germans during the war,” says Condrey. “Our Nazi Zombies is a story about the MFAA going deep into Germany to discover some stolen art and they find much more than they bargained for.”

Condrey admits that the team working on the Zombies section of the game still scare themselves, and he’s committed to terrifying long time fans too. “We hope we will scare you a few times. You’ll have to let us know, but that’s our goal.”

If it turns out as scary as they say, then Call of Duty WWII might just do the impossible.

It might make Nazi Zombies relevant again.

Check out the official trailer to see for yourself!