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Three New Studio Trigger Projects On The Horizon

Anime Hype!

They worked on the mecha juggernaut that was Gurren Lagann and created the explosively erotic epicness that was Kill la Kill, now Studio Trigger have teased plans for three new anime projects.

Oh hell yes.

As you might expect, details at the moment are very slim given how these have just got off the ground. However, we do have a few enticing posters to whet our appetites as well as the names of those working behind the scenes.

First there’s Promare, and needless to say just one look at this and we are already sold.

So from the looks of things we have a protagonist with impossible hair along with what appears to be a giant robot  who seems to find the destruction of a whole city rather amusing. The project reunites the director and lead writer of Kill la Kill, which is already a triumph given how that series was nothing short of exhilarating, and according to those who attended Anime Expo 2017, Promare is said to be a marriage between Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann.

Can the universe handle that much awesomeness?

Next up is Gridman, an alternative take on the 1990’s superhero show Denkou Choujin Gridman.

The original had your typical computer whiz-kid transforming into an armored badass known as Gridman who traversed the net, taking down digital monsters everywhere he went. Though this time, instead of rubber suits, we’ll be getting Studio Trigger’s signature animation style. Plus, with Akira Amemiya, the guy who gave is the insanity that was Inferno Cop, we’re guessing this iteration will be a little more on the wild side.

Last but by no means least we have Darling in the FrankXX, a collaborative piece between Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures. The latter have given us hits like Your Lie in April and The Seven Deadly Sins (not to mention a few colossal misfires like Eromanga-sensei) so we’re hoping that by teaming up with the guys who gave us Little Witch Academia, we’ll get a series that pushes the feels all the way to eleven.

From the look of the teaser poster, we’re feeling optimistic.