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Surprisingly Awesome As Seen On TV Products


Daytime TV has its fair share of bland programming. Courtroom shows, slow news days, and morning talk shows get repetitive. The best parts of it all are perhaps the odd infomercial and the terrible low-budget commercials you’ll without a doubt catch between your favorite Maury episode and that Judge Judy re-run (almost 6,000 episodes and counting…really?). That being said, we’ve compiled three surprisingly awesome as seen on TV products that actually live up to the hype and enthusiasm that the pitchers have.

#3: Ronco 5500 Series Rotisserie Oven

Anything that makes food easier to cook is a winner in our books. It’s a little more expensive than the other items on this list, but the Ronco 5500 Series Oven is more than worth the money. It’s a rotisserie, but it’s of such outstanding quality that it beats all the competition. The oven’s build quality is firm, it looks clean and effective, and it cooks food to perfection every time. Ron Popeil strikes again!

#2: Chillow

Are you always flipping your pillow during the night to sleep on the cool side? Well, with the Chillow, you won’t have to do that, as the product keeps you cool and gives a positive sleeping experience every night. While the set up is admittedly a bit laborious, the results are more than worth the trouble, as the original comfort device stays cool throughout the night and lets you sleep in comfort. You can even use it to bring comfort to other body parts when you’re not sleeping as a cold compress, making the Chillow a refreshing, multitasking wonder. The infomercial also happens to be pretty scientific.

#1: Sticky Buddy

Pet hair can be a huge nuisance in the house, especially when it sticks to the furniture and your clothes. However, the Sticky Buddy is such an amazing product that these annoying hairs will no longer be an issue. While regular lint rollers may remove some hair, they’re nothing compared to the Sticky Buddy, which acts as a lint roller but does so much more. Praised by virtually everyone who uses it, this is an absolute essential for those of you with pets. Satisfaction guaranteed FUR SURE.