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Godzilla Not Looking His Best in New Animated Film?

Has The King of Kaiju Lost His Mojo?

Godzilla, one of if not the most iconic monsters to ever come out of Japanese cinema, is set to reappear in his own animated movie this November, swiftly followed by an international Netflix release for the rest of us Kaiju crazies.

After all, it’s freaking Godzilla. No matter how cheesy or sub-par the rest of the movie is, he always finds a way to shine.

The film itself, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, follows a group of humans who travel back to Earth after a twenty thousand year absence. Unfortunately, during that time some new tenants have taken up residence, to the point where the whole world has been overtaken by Kaiju.

And of course, our main man Godzilla stands tall as the biggest and baddest of them all!

In preparation for the release, an official statue was put up to give an idea as to what this version of Godzilla will look like. As it happens, many have taken note that the King of Kaiju has…well…seen better days.

Now we’re not sure if he’s meant to look old and haggard because he’s been kicking ass and taking names for several millennia or this was just an artistic choice, but as it stands Godzilla doesn’t look intimidating as much as he looks like he’s struggling to remember where the bathroom is.


Well, given how he’ll be getting the 3DCGI treatment courtesy of Polygon Pictures, we can only hope that he’ll show us he’s still got what it takes by causing untold destruction and showing the other Kaiju why he’s the O.G. Not to mention the film’s screenplay was written by none other than Gen Urobuchi, the man responsible for giving us the masterful Puella Magi Madoka Magica. If there’s anyone who can give us a unique take on Godzilla, its him.

Besides, can’t be any worse than this:

Check out the trailer for Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters below!