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Essentials to Pack For Your Next Trip

Planning for a trip can be exciting but packing the right things makes a world of difference when it comes to how enjoyable your trip might be (or not be). Whether you’re looking for small upgrades to your accessory arsenal or you’re simply looking for something to make your vacation hassle free, here are our recommendations for some modern day travel essentials.

#1: Portable USB Accessory Charger

So you’re exploring Paris for the first time, taking in the sights and sounds in its labyrinth of a city layout when your phone dies. No more maps, no more music, and no more selfies. But fear not, because you were smart enough to pack your portable USB charger. Now you can actually find your way around again, not have to worry about those funky European adapters, and snap your fancy Parisian breakfasts all week. It’s also good for any other USB compatible device. If you’re really looking to step up your recharge game, this behemoth might do the trick.

#2: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Chances are you’ll be on a train, plane, or at least a bus for more than a comfortable amount of time at some point during your trip. Whether you’re trying to drown the noise of the Boeing’s four engines during your 6-hour flight or your rowdy hostel bunkmates after a night out, noise-cancelling headphones have been praised by many as a modern day travel staple. You could go for the cream of the crop but if you’re on a budget we recommend these.

#3: Solar Powered Accessories

So traveling isn’t all about the city. For most it’s about the outdoors, nature, and all the good stuff Mother Nature can offer. That’s why this travel essentials power trio isn’t complete without some mention of the ever-increasing popularity of solar powered accessories. Whether that be a modest solar panel to recharge your phone or a full on solar panel backpack for on the-go power.