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Top 3 Things You Missed in Season 7 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones

Watch out for Game of Thrones spoilers below.

Say what you will about this week, but next week’s episode of Game of Thrones will have the best boss battles we’ve ever seen. What a party!

Welcome to Watch the Thrones, the weekly show where we take a look at some of the Easter eggs, important moments, and theories from the newest episode of Game of Thrones. On this episode, we’ll be taking a look at Season 7, Episode 5: “Eastwatch.”

#3: The Letter

After treading water for the last little while, Littlefinger’s finally back to his old scheming ways. Way back in season one, Sansa was pressured by Cersei to send a Raven to Rob about their father’s supposed treason.

Well, since Maester Lewin was keeping a record of every Raven that passed through Winterfell, Littlefinger was able to use this to his advantage, playing on Arya’s distrust of him to fan the flame of anger and resentment that is brewing between her and her sister. It’s clear this is just one piece of a greater scheme, but having Littlefinger back in his comfort zone of causing chaos is bad news for everyone.

#2: Like Father, Like Son

Gendry’s back! It’s been over three seasons since we last saw the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, and in that time, it seems like he’s gotten really good with that warhammer. When we were introduced to Robert in season one, years of kicking back and drinking wine – er… “ruling” – took a tole on his physique, but he too was once a fearsome, warhammer wielding warrior.

He’s even rocking the golden colors of his father’s house. All signs point to Gendry eventually getting legitimized by Jon, who, as the King, has the power to do just that. We can be sure that Gendry’s long awaited return will be a key factor in the series’ endgame.

#1: “Jon” Targaryen

Okay, so maybe you didn’t miss this, but Sam certainly did. We knew Sam and Gilly would find something noteworthy in their study sessions over the course of this season, but this is absolutely huge, and one of the biggest revelations of the season thus far – maybe even the series. Contrary to the widely believed narrative of “Robert’s Rebellion,” it seems Rhaegar didn’t kidnap Lyanna Stark after all – they ran off together.

Since the marriage was made official before Jon was born, he was never a bastard at all. On top of that, he’s actually the true heir of the Targaryen dynasty, and is technically in front of Danny in terms of their claims on the Iron Throne. The name “Jon” doesn’t exactly fit in with the pantheon of Targaryens, so expect Jon’s true Targaryen name to be revealed in the future.

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