Top 100 Anime of All Time

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That’s right! and the newest edition is,  Top 100 Anime of All Time

Anime has had a larger rise in popularity, in the West, than any other fictional medium in recent memory. There was once a time when the best way to get your anime fix was to wait months for a VCR cassette in the mail containing the latest amateur fan-made subtitles. Today, you can find the majority of what’s airing this season officially available on streaming services such as Crunchyroll and FUNimation, just moments after they aired on Japanese television.

But what makes people so eagerly give their attention? Well, possibly because Japanese animation covers just about any type of story genre. Whether in a thrilling crime drama such as Psycho-Pass, or through a heartwarming everyday slice of life like Usagi Drop, anime leaves no ground uncovered. Its influence has been so great that it has spread into other mediums such as film and video games, and has also made a significant impact on popular culture with the rise of cosplay.

High production values and stunning animation are huge assets towards making a great anime, but, whether geared towards adults or the youngest of kids, the most important aspects are always the plots and the characters who drive them. Anime has the power to keep us invested in its worlds even after hundreds of episodes.

So put on your scouter and check how high your power level is, as we delve into the Top 100 Anime of All Time . Digital copy available for only $1 and print for $7.

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