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Top 10 Cosplay at Otakuthon 2017

Canada’s second largest anime convention, Montreal’s Otakuthon is a great place for anime-lovers up here in the Great White North to get their fix. Although, calling it just an anime convention does not do Otakuthon justice. They have pretty much everything covered. There’s stands of thousands of manga, amazing J-Pop and/or J-Rock concerts, and so much more. However, one of our favorite parts of Otakuthon is (obviously) the cosplayers.

You can’t have an anime convention without amazing cosplay. And Otakuthon 2017 was no exception. Among the tens if not hundreds of cosplay we’ve seen, it was difficult to pick only 10. But hey, that’s what we do here at WatchMojo. So without further ado:

Here are our picks for Top 10 Cosplay at Otakuthon 2017

#10 – Light Yagami and Misa Amane from Death Note

Otakuthon 10 Death Note

This is great, but maybe Light needs to be a bit more… villainous? The apple is a great touch. Come to think of it, maybe they had Ryuk and Rem with them as well, but we didn’t get to touch their Death Notes.

#9 – Demon Hunter from World of Warcraft

Otakuthon 9 Demon Hunter

Gets the emotional range of an average demon hunter amazingly well. I mean, it’s mostly anger, but still! And yes, World of Warcraft IS our favorite anime.

#8 – Kisame Hoshigaki from Naruto

Otakuthon 8 Naruto

Great jutsu stance. Bonus points for actually carrying what seems to be three quarters of a surfboard with him the entire time.

#7 – Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

Otakuthon 7 Black Butler

Black Butler? More like Red Butler am I right? But seriously this was a great Grell cosplay.

#6 – Master Roshi from Dragon Ball

Otakuthon 6 Dragon Ball

The mask and the glasses really make it for this one. And the slippers. Actually, you know what? It’s mostly the slippers.

#5 – Rory Mercury from GATE

Otakuthon 5 Gate

That axe though.

#4 – Angewomon from Digimon

Otakuthon 4 Angewomon

Just like in the anime!

#3 – The main party from Final Fantasy X

Otakuthon 3 Final Fantasy X

They kept asking us if we wanted to play blitzball with them. Sadly none of us had swimming gear on.

#2 – Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill

Otakuthon 2 Ryuko Matoi

Wearing Senketsu is always a brave choice, if you know what we mean. So kudos to you, cosplayer!

#1 – Skull Kids from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask

Otakuthon 1 Legend of Zelda


Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!