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Top 10 Horror Movie Character Types Who Always Get Killed

For this list, we rank the most popular character archetypes found within the horror movie genre! Which one are you?

#10 – The Non-Believers

These are the characters that simply refuse to acknowledge any of the creepy, suspicious, or downright terrifying things that happen to be going on around them in the film. If you don’t believe in ghosts, demons, chainsaw murderers etc, this is you, and you are the worst.

#9 – The Redneck

Are you missing some, or all of your teeth? Do you find it impossible to compromise or collaborate with others in even the direst of situations? Then you just might be The Redneck in a horror film.

#8 – The Fat One

Okay, we know it may not be PC to use this term, but political correctness was never exactly the calling card of slasher movies in the 1980s. This was where the character archetype of “The Fat One” was often found, usually as the butt of a joke or some sort of comic relief.

#7 – The Love Interest / The Best Friend

The Love Interest or Best Friend usually dies as a result of some courageous and heroic final stand, so that the hero can attain the upper hand over the killer. If you’re a true friend- or you’re just dying to get out of the friend-zone (pun intended) This may be you!

#6 – The Stoner

Many of us might be able to identify with The Stoner. After all, isn’t there a small part of us that would just want to say, “screw it! I’m getting as high as possible before I have to deal with this maniac stalking me.”

#5 – The Authority Figure

The Authority Figure does all they can to impede the progress of the heroes. They too are the worst.

#4 – The Jock / The Jerk

This character type is usually attached to one of the film’s main characters as some sort of dysfunctional love interest, but it rarely lasts because The Jock or Jerk is such an insufferable character – they typically kill em’ off quickly.

#3 – The Promiscuous Girl

It might be unfair to label this as one gender over another, because, let’s face it: sex equals death in many classic horror films. Still, The Promiscuous Girl serves a twofold purpose: not only is she there to die after her prerequisite sex scene, but she’s also there to provide the slasher expected amount of nudity.

#2 – The Black Guy

This one’s simultaneously something of a misnomer, while at the same time remaining a statistic to this day. Minorities in the genre suffered for decades as victims, with very few making it out alive to the end credits. They may not always die FIRST, but for The Black Guy, death is almost certain in the world of old school horror.

#1 – The Final Girl

The Final Girl is one of the most defining tropes of classic horror. The term is used to represent the pure, virginal, or otherwise wholesome main character that faces off with the killer in a climactic battle.

Do you agree with our list? Which one of these are you?

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