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5 Facts You Need To Know About The OJ Simpson Parole Hearing

O.J Simpson is back in the news! What decade is it again? How did we ever live without him?

The 70-year-old prisoner at Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada, applied for early parole. He has now served 9 years of his 33-year sentence for a 2007 kidnapping and armed robbery (no, not all that other stuff back in the ’90s. He was acquitted of all that.)

Here’s 5 things you should know about the OJ Simpson parole hearing

#5 – He is actually a model prisoner, despite what you’ve heard

Although authorities describe him a model prisoner, O.J. was accused of getting his hand in the proverbial cookie jar recently, which could have impacted his bid for freedom.  And yes, we’re talking about openly masturbating in his cell.

But thankfully, it turned out just to be an unfounded and debunked rumor.

#4 –O.J.’s future was decided by a panel of Nevada parole board commissioners. No Judge Ito or Kardashians here.

#3 – O.J. represented himself at the parole hearing

O.J. spoke and answered questions on his own behalf, via video-conferencing, for over 30 minutes, making his case for early release. He didn’t shrink from the occasion, taking a nearly-combative tone as he confidently and aggressively touted his good nature and his relative lack of responsibility for the crime of which he was convicted.

#2 – Even Bruce Fromong supported O.J.’s parole claim

2) O.J.’s testimony, and that of his allies and friends, was persuasive. Particularly effective was the support of  Bruce Fromong, the memorabilia dealer O.J. robbed, alongside some gun-toting accomplices..  The parole board decided, in a unanimous 4-0 decision, to recommend O.J. be released on parole as soon as October.

#1 – Despite this, he’s not yet completely free

1) This doesn’t, of course, mean that O.J. is a totally free man. He will still have to report to his parole officer on a regular basis, follow strict behavioural guidelines, and is technically under state supervision. He also will never escape the scrutiny and judgment of many who blame him for the murder of his wife. But it does seem to put an end to his legal troubles, at least for the foreseeable future. Whether the Juice can stay loose is really up to him.

Featured image from ABC News.