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Did you get to watch WatchMojo Live UK?

Continuing our series of live events, WatchMojo has set up shop at YouTube Space London to highlight some local British musicians and focus on British creativity. This is also timed with the launch of our brand new WatchMojo UK channel, which features everything you love about WatchMojo, but with a British twist. So expect a lot of tea and crumpets… just kidding.

Check below for a quick look at the bands who have performed today and watch the full stream above!

Featured artists

Leif Erikson

A London-based indie rock band, Leif Erikson is known for their “metallic beats” and “hazy riffs.”

Eyre Llew

Eyre Llew is a three-piece ambient rock band from Notthingam UK and have been playing together since August 2014. They’ve been called a “leftfield extravaganza of the highest quality” at least once.

Bluey Robinson

Bluey Robinson is Londoner who was born in Stockholm and has grown up listening to old Motown, Soul, and Reggae records. His song Questions has been described as “a dexterous, imaginative release that deserves all the plaudits it’s been given.

Why are we doing WatchMojo Live?

For years, our audience has been asking us to launch real-life events and move beyond the virtual world. And, as the leading curator of pop culture and infotainment, launching a global series of live shows in urban creative hubs did seem like a good idea, if we could only put our singular stamp on it.

Then it hit us.

At a time when so many elected officials are calling for more border walls and barriers, YouTube has become the boundaryless global stage. A creator in Miami can build a passionate, interactive community stretching from Mumbai to Manila to Madrid, in a previously unimaginable way, And we want to celebrate that spirit of freedom and imagination.

The live event at London is the second in a series of events that will be spanning the globe. So make sure to check back regularly to see where we’ll be going next!