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WatchMojo teamed up with our friends from Chevy, Nintendo of Canada and NVIDIA to put four gamers in two cars to get from San Fran to E3 in L.A.  All along the trip, the gang competes in video game and real life challenges to test their skills and see who’s the ultimate gamer. Watch the 4 part series here on YouTube:

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Top 10 Most Controversial Athletes

With news that Dennis Rodman is headed back to North Korea to apparently “do something pretty positive” and more specifically to “open a door”, it seemed like a good time to revisit WatchMojo’s Top 10 Most Controversial Athletes list.   Rodman’s vague reasoning doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in him steadying the currently uneasy relationship between Pyongyang and Washington… but if that movie with Seth Rogen and James Franco is any indication, it might be hilarious!  Here’s our list from a few years back that features Rodman and a whole bunch of other sports stars who made news for all the wrong reasons!

#10 – John McEnroe, Tennis: Always Causing a Racket

Kicking off our list is the hot-blooded leftie who made tennis bad-ass. With 17 total Grand Slam titles, Johnny Mac had talent and then some, but he also had a wicked temper – and for a sport as squeaky clean as tennis, that was a total shock. McEnroe’s antics included yelling at umpires, smashing rackets, and even coining a new catchphrase, “You cannot be serious!”.

#9 – Dennis Rodman, Basketball: Dennis the Menace

Like McEnroe, Rodman excelled at his sport – in fact, the Worm was arguably one of the greatest all-time defenders and rebounders. But, he grew more eccentric as his career went on, and we’re not just talking about bright hair, tattoos and piercings. Relationships with Madonna and Carmen Electra didn’t make him all that weird, but cross-dressing and kicking a court-side cameraman certainly caused some raised eyebrows.  Don’t even start with his bizarre bromance with Kim Jong Un!

#8 – John Daly, Golf: Bar for the Course

Golf doesn’t necessarily require the same physicality as other sports, but in his heyday Long John took that to another level. Daly learned the hard way that drinking and golfing don’t mix. And did we mention the four wives and gambling? While today he has sobered up, he made no friends in 1994 when he claimed that most golfers were coke-heads, and that he was “one of the cleanest guys out there.”

#7 – Michael Vick, Football: Who Let the Dogs Out?

He was one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league, but he threw it all away because he loved to watch dogs fight. Vick was sent to jail in the prime of his career, while many other athletes are let off for their crimes. Upon his return, he became – sorry for the pun – an underdog to those who felt the man had paid for his misdeeds.

#6 – Lance Armstrong, Cycling: What a Dope

After battling cancer, he returned to his sport to become one of the greatest cyclists in history – that is, until doping allegations against him got him stripped of his awards and sponsorships. No one really defends him against those accusations, but the tireless work he did for cancer research and his “coming back despite the odds” story mean that public opinion about the Livestrong founder is mixed and his legacy forever tarnished.

#5 – Pete Rose, Baseball: Wanna Bet?

Rose was one of the greatest hitters of all time, with a trademark Superman slide to boot. But his contributions to America’s pastime were tainted when he confessed to betting on baseball, and even his own team. He earned a lifetime ban for his trouble, but some fans think he deserves a spot in Cooperstown, since many men with terrible traits ended up there.

#4 – Mike Tyson, Boxing: Lend Him an Ear

Huge face tattoo? Check. Threatening statements? Double check. Pseudo-cannibalism? Check times infinity. Iron Mike was a killer in the ring, but his odd behavior and even odder interviews often overshadowed his skills, as Evander Holyfield would surely tell you. After his career, a different side to Tyson surfaced, one with a self-deprecating sense of humor and an almost Zen-like ability to reflect on his career as a pugilist.

#3 – Ron Artest, Basketball: Give Peace a Chance

Like the energizer bunny, this guy just keeps on going. One of the best defenders of his era, Artest became infamous during the “Malice in the Palace” brawl when he ran into the crowd to fight fans and received a record-long 86-game suspension. His abrasive personality and bad boy persona persisted, until he changed his name to Metta World Peace to promote, well, world peace. Too bad he then proceeded to nearly decapitate James Harden during a game.

#2 – Muhammad Ali, Boxing: Float Like a Butterfly, Talk Like a Jerk

Cassius Clay was a loudmouth, and he perfected the art of trash talking. He was also the Greatest and he coughed up some of the best soundbites ever to come out of an athlete’s mouth. But, it was his choice to join the Nation of Islam, and his subsequent refusal to fight in the Vietnam War, that were his most controversial and significant moments.

#1 – O.J. Simpson, Football: The Juice Goes Bad

Taking the top spot on our list is the Juice. Depending who you ask, O.J. is either a double murderer who walked away scot-free from the trial of the century, or a victim of America’s double standard against prominent African-Americans. Either way, he wasn’t a particularly controversial player: he even had a career as a spokesman, actor and commentator. But after he left the NFL, things went decidedly downhill.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, these ten athletes were lightning rods for controversy, and generated mixed feelings from fans and the media. There are definitely a few MAJOR omissions on this list, ahem.. Tiger Woods! Who else do you think we missed? For more top 10s about your favorite athletes, be sure to subscribe to

Top 10 Best Hollywood Remakes

With yet another big budget Hollywood remake hitting movie screens this weekend, The Mummy starring none other than Tom Cruise, we thought it was an appropriate time to take a look back at the landscape of remakes.  The Mummy is currently sitting at an embarrassing 22% on the Tomatometer, made even worst when you consider that this movie is supposed to be the first film in a new connected universe franchise for Universal.  Not a good start!  With that said, here’s a look at WatchMojo’s picks for the 10 BEST efforts at remaking a movie.   Sometimes Hollywood actually CAN pull it off!

#10 – “3:10 to Yuma” (1957/2007)

Kicking off our list is the western remake that managed to outgun its 50-year-old predecessor! The similarities? The 2007 version also focuses on a desperate man who is trying to claim a reward by escorting a gang leader to a prison train. The differences? The new one is a much grittier picture with a deeper sense of tone and scale and ramped-up action. Also, Russell Crowe brilliantly depicts the cruel, yet oddly charming villain and Christian Bale makes for the kind of character you can root for.

#9 – “The Ring” (1998/2002)

Hollywood remakes have a tough time replicating the quality and success of original films, so remakes of foreign films barely stand a chance. But the 2002 Hollywood version of 1998’s Japanese horror flick “Ringu” manages to outclass the outright creepy original. The English adaptation introduces the curse of a girl and her deadly video tape to Americans, and ups the ante by crafting a more coherent plot than the original, complete with unbelievably disturbing visuals and terrifying scares.  Still stands as pretty solid nightmare fuel.

#8 – “True Grit” (1969/2010)

Leave it to the Coen brothers to tackle one of the greatest movies ever made by making one of the greatest movies ever remade! Like its namesake, the 2010 re-take focuses on the emotional depth contained within the tale of a young woman’s quest for justice. Putting it over the edge is Jeff Bridges’ absorbing characterization of the one-eyed alcoholic gunslinger Rooster Cogburn. Yes, he even tops John Wayne!

#7 – “The Fly” (1958/1986)

Only David Cronenberg could create a gruesome reimagining of this seemingly untouchable 1958 sci-fi classic. Like the original, a scientist gets fused with an insect. However, as you can imagine, the newer version has better special effects, a darker tone and is infinitely more memorable. They really do pull out all the stops for this cautionary tale about the perils of science; after all it stars Jeff Goldblum.

#6 – “Dawn of the Dead” (1978/2004)

A remake of George Romero’s landmark zombie classic from 1978? Sounds like blasphemy to us! Thankfully, director Zach Snyder builds on greatness. He wisely takes cues from the original and adds complexity to the characters, while greatly benefitting from modern special effects. He also ramps up the terror by giving his undead hordes a dramatic speed boost…

#5 – “Scarface” (1932/1983)

The original black and white “Scarface” came out way back in 1932, so it was due for a reboot. Brian DePalma’s version became an indisputable classic by adding countless unapologetic updates. These include changing the title character from an alcoholic Italian to Al Pacino as an ultra-violent cocaine-sniffing loudmouthed Cuban gangster with a little friend!

#4 – “The Departed” (2002/2006)

Didn’t know this was a remake? It is, in fact, an Americanization of the 2002 Hong Kong classic “Infernal Affairs.” Both center on a cat-and-mouse game between an undercover cop and a mole. But the Hollywood version won director Martin Scorsese a long-overdue Oscar by outshining the original with its perfect casting choices, deeper focus on the theme of identity and its father-son relationships.

#3 – “Ocean’s 11” (1960/2001)

The makers of this casino heist flick were aiming pretty high when they remade a seemingly untouchable 1961 Rat Pack classic. George Clooney takes over from Frank Sinatra to recruit a memorable cast of ex-cons to help him knock-off an underground casino vault. Clooney and his clan manage to live up to and even surpass the original cast by bringing the laughs and respecting the source material by not simply rehashing its story verbatim.

#2 – “The Magnificent Seven” (1954/1960)

This iconic western is a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 samurai epic. Trading East for West, and swords for guns, this film is about seven men hired to defend a Mexican town from bandits. One of the greatest Americanizations ever, it benefits from a faster pace, mesmerizing gunfights and an all-star cast that includes the likes of Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and Eli Wallach as the bad guy.

#1 – “The Thing” (1951/1982)

Taking the top spot on our list is John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece! It’s the go-to film for paranoia, suspense and cinema’s most gut-wrenching practical special effects! It easily trumps the 1951 original “The Thing From Another World” as everything was pitch perfect, right down to Kurt Russell’s beard! This remake even manages to be truer to the premise and characters of the original novella, though we’re sure the author never imagined the insane visuals in this movie.  A true classic.

Do you agree with our list? Which movie remake is your favorite? For more great Top 10s, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo and check back often!


It’s the WatchMojo Blog!

Welcome to the all new WatchMojo blog!  If you’ve been a Mojoholic for a looooong time, then you might remember a point in time when we had a whole roster of blogs that covered all of our major categories.

Those blogs were a real mishmash of styles and overall quality and when we doubled down on video content, they unfortunately disappeared.  Considering all the exciting things happening in Mojo land, we figured this was a perfect time to throw ourselves back into the world of blogging.  We’ll be using this blog to cover all the same things that you might see on our video channels, but in text format.  We’ll also use this as a forum to present exciting news, new content and updates regarding the company.   Be sure to check in regularly to see what’s new and let us know your feedback in the comments or send an email to