3 Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Short Film Project

3 Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Short Film Project

Hollywood observers have surely noticed that the film industry has simultaneously become bigger and smaller than ever. It’s bigger in the sense that year after year, we seem to see new releases shatter box-office records with ease. At the same time, it’s smaller insofar as it feels as if the only movies that come out anymore are the franchise favorites that shatter records. Gone are the small and middle-budget pictures; it’s go big or go home.

The big studios’ concentration on tentpole features may be a downer for movie lovers, but leaving so much bandwidth open has unintentionally kicked off a renaissance for aspiring, independent, and alternative filmmakers—which can include you. But before you tackle a full-length feature, start small with a short story put to film. Here are three tips to help you nail your next short film project so that in the long shadow of comic book movies, your own film can bloom.

1. Emphasize the Fundamentals of Storytelling

To begin, let’s look at the written word—the foundation of cinematic storytelling. Short stories can be more challenging than novels for some authors because the form requires them to develop and resolve a conflict in a compressed timespan. Nonetheless, all the elements of storytelling, from plot to conflict to theme, occur in a short story. The same must be true for your film. Experimental forms may deviate from the established rules of storytelling, but remember that you can’t break the rules until you learn them—consider that the works of Jackson Pollock hang in art museums but a third-grader’s splatter paintings don’t.

2. Special Effects Shouldn’t Be Too Special Yet

Just as you should start off sticking to the fundamentals of a story, you should do the same with visual effects. Before you begin to dream up eye-popping visuals, make sure that you have a skilled and well-appointed cinematographer on the crew. If this is a fellow film-loving friend, make sure they have the right tools and skills for the job, from lenses and lights to a keen eye. Aspiring to do too much too soon but ultimately falling short will do more harm than good in a visual medium such as film. Instead, show restraint and master the hallmarks of good composition.

3. You Can’t Call Every Shot

Sitting in a director’s chair for the first time can be a magical feeling—especially if you spring for one with your name on it. Our advice: don’t. In fact, our most important tip for making your own short film for the first time is not to take a dictatorial approach to filmmaking. While you are the final authority on set as the director, it’s important to take a collaborative approach to as many respects of the filmmaking process as you can. Have good relationships with your cinematographer, your cast, and the rest of your crew in order to keep everyone feeling involved in a positive process. With this in mind, you should have a finished product that everyone can be proud of.

How To Choose the Right Pocket for Your Wallet

How To Choose the Right Pocket for Your Wallet

There’s no intuitive way to know how to choose the right pocket for your wallet. For many of us, it comes down to a process of trial and error. Hopefully, this article can offer some helpful pros and cons to consider when making this decision.

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Front Pocket

By putting your wallet in the front pocket, you’re making a seemingly small choice that could have a large, positive impact on your health and financial security. However, there are logistical hurdles that come with a wallet in your front pocket as well. Here are the overall pros and cons of this decision:


  • It reduces the chance that someone will steal your wallet.
  • While standing, you’ll find it very easy to remove your wallet from your pants.
  • The wallet is unlikely to fall out.
  • The wallet won’t press on your buttocks when you sit down, unlike a wallet in the back pocket.


  • For people with large thighs, a wallet in the front pocket may cause abdominal pain.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to remove your wallet when you’re sitting down.

Back Pocket

Some people prefer to keep their wallets in their back pocket. These are the advantages and disadvantages to this decision that you should weigh:


  • People who wear tight pants benefit from spreading their personal effects across different pockets. If your phone, wallet, and keys are all in the front pocket, they can create uncomfortable pressure on your leg.
  • When sitting, it’s easier to remove a wallet from your back pocket.


  • The wallet is easier to steal.
  • The wallet can lead to chronic neck and back pain because it prevents you from sitting straight. However, choosing the correct wallet size can solve those problems.
  • There’s a possibility that your plastic cards could break when you sit down.

Alternative Options

There are, of course, people who prefer not to put their wallets in either their front or back pockets. For those people, there are many alternative options that are worth considering. Some of these include:

  • Jacket pockets: Jacket pockets are a comfortable option for colder weather. You just need to make sure you remember that your wallet is in one of them.
  • Briefcases or laptop cases: A briefcase or laptop case can hold a wallet safely and keep it out of your way. But you probably don’t bring these items everywhere you go. If you want to keep your wallet in a case, you need to be prepared to have a secondary place to put it when you leave your case at home.
  • Purses: Many women like to hold their wallets in their purses. This method frees up pocket space and ensures that the wallet goes wherever you go. However, there is some danger to this method—thieves can steal your purse in a crowd and take your wallet with it.

Knowing how to choose the right pocket for your wallet isn’t nearly as intuitive as people would like to believe. People making this choice should weigh the pros and cons of each option and make the best decision for themselves.

Top 5 Best Hers Products for Women’s Health

With so many health products out there, it can be tough to find the time to research which ones you specifically need. Hers has pioneered telehealth, offering a diverse range of quality medicines and services readily available to women. To make things easier for you, we have made a streamlined guide of what they offer and how their products can help alleviate your health concerns. 


Let’s take a look at the top 5 best products for women’s health. 

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1. Acne Cream

Are you struggling with adult acne? Though this issue can be frustrating, there are quality solutions. Hers’ Acne Rx cream is made from ingredients that have been clinically proven to help treat and prevent breakouts such as niacinamide, Azelaic acid, Clindamycin, and Tretinoin. When it comes to skincare, there isn’t a one-size fit all approach. What may work for your friend, may not be suited for you. When you sign up for hers, you take a survey about your skincare and then their team of medical providers determine what products you need. This personalized approach leads to the best results.


2. Anti-Aging Cream

Acne isn’t the only skincare issue women are worried about. It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious about fine lines and wrinkles. However, there are ways to be proactive about this issue. Hers’ anti-aging cream contains Tretinoin — a Vitamin A derivative that’s been scientifically proven to boost your skin’s collagen and decrease the appearance of fine lines. How does it do it? The Vitamin A derivative accelerates skin cell turnover, keeping your skin looking renewed and fresh. Though aging is inevitable, there’s no reason why you can’t maintain that youthful glow. 


3. Salon Strength System

Is it time to change up your hair routine? With your busy schedule, it’s okay to not have the time to research and customize the  regimen that can take your hair to the next level. The Salon Strength System is a kit of hair care products that tackle various concerns. The Minoxidil Solution is great for strengthening your hair, decreasing shedding, and boosting growth. In addition to giving you a quality shampoo and conditioner to use, the Salon Strength System comes with products that can keep your hair hydrated, strong, and durable. The biotin gummies can combat shedding, while the Rapid Repair Hair Mask hydrates your hair and keeps it looking shiny with ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, murumuru seed butter, and cupuacu butter. On top of that, the kit comes with a Detox Scalp Scrub which is great for exfoliating and moisturizing. 


4. The Weekender

Does your hair need a me-day? Hers has got you covered. The Weekender kit is designed to replicate salon luxury from the comfort of your own home.  It consists of two top-notch products made from high quality ingredients — the Detox Scalp Scrub and Rapid Repair Hair Mask. While the Detox Scalp Scrub is designed to keep your scalp moisturized, the Rapid Repair Hair Mask will give your hair the perfect shine. 


5. Mental Health

Staying on top of your health isn’t just about looking great, it’s also about feeling great. Mental health is incredibly important. For too long, it’s been swept under the rug. Whether you’re feeling isolated or overly stressed, you should know that a lot of people are having analogous experiences. Hers offers a wide-range of mental health services that can address your concerns. With their seamless telehealth platform, hers puts you in contact with a psychiatrist who can determine which scientifically-backed treatment you may need to start feeling your best. In addition, hers gives you access to informative resources and anonymous support groups which connect you with people from all over who are going through similar things. Take a step in the right direction by improving your mental health. 

Ways to Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Living Room

Ways to Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Living Room

Aesthetic homes are all the rage right now. After seeing how poorly different home trends aged over the decades (think carpet over hardwood flooring, shag rugs, and avocado green bathrooms), people are looking to develop a cohesive aesthetic that fits their style and will stand the test of time.

Check out some personalized ways to enhance the aesthetics of your living room.

Make Changes to the Walls

The walls in your house or apartment might feel a bit bland, but there are plenty of ways to liven them up. Here are a few examples:

  • Paint an archway in a bold color in your living room to provide some depth.
  • Apply stick-on wallpaper to one wall to act as an accent wall.
  • Use a projector to project a pattern onto a white wall.

While these may seem unattainable if you’re a renter, fear not! Check your rental agreement to see if you’re allowed to paint. Most landlords will let you paint as long as you paint the wall back to the original color before moving out.

Choose a Color Scheme

Sometimes the thing holding a living room back from being totally aesthetic is the color scheme—or lack thereof. When a room is full of décor that doesn’t complement the room itself, the colors tend to compete for attention, resulting in a busy room that can feel overwhelming to lounge in.

To fix this, deliberately pick a color scheme and stick to it—just like you would a capsule closet. Pick out a base neutral color, main accent color, and secondary accent color. Don’t put anything in the room that doesn’t fit this outline. Another way to go is to design a monochromatic living room with one color or one main color and shades of that same hue.

Minimize Décor

Less truly is more when it comes to home décor. Keep the decorations in your home that make you happy and lend brightness and good vibes to your living room. Likewise, donate or give away the pieces that don’t serve you anymore. People adapt and change over time so there should be room to rid yourself of décor that no longer fits who you are and how you want your space to feel.

There are many more ways to enhance the aesthetics of your living room. Go with what makes you feel at home and fits the aesthetic you curate for yourself. The beauty of an aesthetic home is that it is uniquely you.

Top 4 Female Superheroes You Should Know About

Top 4 Female Superheroes You Should Know About

Whether you’re a fan of the MCU or DCEU, the love for superheroes is all the same. When we think of the iconic heroes from these comics, we often shout out popular names like Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Spider-Man… all names ending in “man.” The truth is, though, that while these guys are saving the world, there are several female counterparts who are also taking names. Let’s shed some light on these marvelous women—we share the top four female superheroes you should know about.


An indispensable member of the X-Men team, Storm’s mutant abilities allow her to control the weather and atmosphere with ease. As the first major female character of African descent, she is a favorite among Marvel fans. Her unique background and special abilities make her an important player in the fight to establish peace and equal rights between mutants and humans. She’s truly a force to be reckoned with.


We guarantee that there are a ton of awesome things you don’t know about Batgirl. An ally of Batman, she’s taken on several personas over the years. An assassin, genius computer hacker, vigilante, information broker, and expert in martial arts—Batgirl holds a strong presence in Gotham and the Batman family. At the end of the day, she’s a fierce survivor and loyal protector.

Black Widow

Before she became a founding member of the Avengers, Black Widow (whose real name is Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanoff) was a KGB operative. A master of martial arts, she was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. and established herself as one of their top agents. However, it wasn’t until she was sent undercover to watch Tony Stark that she began her journey to becoming one of the first female avengers. Armed with her Widow’s Bite, you do not want to mess with her.

Captain Marvel

Known by her real name, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel is another female superhero you should know about. She was a test pilot for the United States Air Force until she was exposed to a special kind of energy from a light-speed engine. This gave her cosmic powers she would later use to team up with other Marvel superheroes, including the Avengers, and help save the universe. Although her journey wasn’t an easy one, she developed a tough skin that makes her stand out from the crowd.

How To Make a Good Quality Low-Budget Film

How To Make a Good Quality Low-Budget Film

If your dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood filmmaker are slipping away as fast as the money in your bank account, reimagine your passion. Many documentaries and art films use low-budget equipment, scarce crews, and limited casts. Work your way to the top by figuring out how to make a good quality low-budget film.

Fix Your Script

When you make a film, you’ll create a script. Ensure the script you use—or write—is realistic for a low-budget movie. Choose a script with simple elements, like a low-key location you won’t have to pay to use, and which won’t require any CG. You should be able to film your movie without the need for much editing, and the fewer cast and crew members required means the fewer people you’ll need to pay.

Find a Cast

While some actors will work for low-budget films, you’re better off finding actors just starting their careers. Search on social media, Craigslist, and other job sites. Post a listing for your project and take your time screening for the right people.

Pro Tip: Have your actors use their own clothes for the wardrobe to help you save money. They can also bring their own items from home for various props.

Hire a Crew

If you’re lucky enough to have friends and family who will help you make your film, you might get away with paying them less money or nothing at all. Otherwise, you must pay people to help you film your movie. Offer perks like food to your crew, especially when things get tough.

Budget for Your Camera Equipment

Consider the camera equipment you already have and whether you can use it to make your movie. If needed, you can film on your smartphone. Some filmmakers rent camera equipment, though making a purchase may be a better decision if you plan to continue making films. Depending on the type of film you make, you may prefer to use a cinema lens, but it will eat into your budget. Many people film documentaries on photo lenses. It’s important to understand the difference between cine vs photo lenses and which is better for your project.

Edit Your Film

You will save the most money when making your film if you edit the footage yourself. If you aren’t confident in your ability, find someone to help you. You want to get the job done quickly and correctly to avoid a long and costly process. A good film editor will not only cut the film, but also fix the color contrast. At this stage, you can also add the music or score and any other audio.

Even if your budget is only $5,000, you can produce a fabulous movie with all the elements of a full-length film. You don’t have to be an expert or film school graduate to know how to make a good quality low-budget film. With the right equipment and a solid cast and crew, your movie can stand out among the best.

Top Workouts To Do With Your Dog

Top Workouts To Do With Your Dog

Are you sick of leaving your four-legged friend behind when you go to the gym? Discover the top workouts to do with your dog, ranging from dog yoga to agility training. Getting in shape is essential to both you and your dog’s health, and by finding different workouts to do together, you provide yourself with flexibility in your fitness habits.

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Discover Doga

Yoga does wonders for the body—it works to improve our balance and flexibility and provides an enjoyable workout. Why not try out doga? This trendy form of yoga has become quite popular over the years, as it gives dog owners the perfect opportunity to bond with their furry friends!

Dog yoga benefits the body and mind for both you and your pup by:

  • Improving circulation
  • Relieving stress
  • Encouraging weight loss

Unroll your yoga mat, grab your canine companion, and ease into the best doga poses, such as heart to hound mudra!

Go Explore

Whether it’s a walk, run, or hike, get outside with your dog and explore your favorite trail or discover a new one. Daily walks are critical to both of you, as it promotes a healthy lifestyle and lessens the risk of bad behavior in your dog.

This scenic exercise benefits you both by:

  • Working muscle groups
  • Boosting your connection
  • Decreasing stress

Exploring is also important to dogs, as it presents them with new challenges and puzzles to solve. Our furry friends need to exercise their brains too, and the best way to do so is in a new environment filled with new smells. Moreover, by running, hiking, or walking together, you both boost your cardiovascular health!

Go for a Swim

Another fun way to get your heart pumping with your canine is to go for a swim—whether you head to a pool or nearby lake, you’re both sure to enjoy yourselves! Swimming is an easy way to get in an invigorating, full-body workout while having fun. If you’re pup is apprehensive about the water, Chewy has a great selection of lifejackets to help keep them and you feeling safe and secure.

This fun exercise benefits the two of you by:

  • Working the cardiovascular system
  • Leading to weight loss
  • Working the muscle groups

Taking a dip and going for a swim is especially great for overly active pups since it’s sure to tire them out for a good night’s rest!

Run an Agility Course

The final top workout to do with your dog is an obstacle course; whether it’s an agility track for your dog and you’re running with them to act as a guide, you’ll get your heart pumping.

Running an agility course benefits the two of you by:

  • Offering mental and physical stimulation
  • Improving balance
  • Engaging different muscle groups

While you’ll get in more of a cardio workout if you run alongside your pooch, don’t be afraid to engage your muscles as your canine leaps through hoops. Regardless, remember to have fun as you get fit together!

Clothing Items Every Man Should Own Before Turning 30

Clothing Items Every Man Should Own Before Turning 30

As men grow up, they realize that their wardrobes will need makeovers.

Well, for one thing, you outgrow your style. Plus, you’ll want to dress for all the new, significant events in your life. You must make sure you look your best in interviews, on dates, and for everything in between. That’s why we put together a helpful list of five clothing items every man should own before turning 30.

#1: A Tailored Suit

Guys, don’t settle for an ill-fitting suit with baggy sleeves and short pants. Splurge on a suit that fits. When you wear a suit altered to your unique measurements, people notice. In fact, you’ll impress everyone you run into! Whether you need formalwear for future weddings, or you simply want to don something classier for more upscale affairs like nights out on the town, you can’t go wrong with a tailored suit.

#2: Quality T-Shirts

T-shirts sound boring, but they can do so much for your closet. And unlike your graphic tees from high school or college, plain, high-quality T-shirts can easily transition from work to play. Throw a blazer over your tee for the morning, and then slip on a denim jacket over that same tee for your evening plans. As people say, don’t work harder—work smarter.

#3: Solid Gold Jewelry

While jewelry may not seem like a necessity to every guy, it provides an added flair you didn’t know you needed. And we know we’re not talking about clothes per se, but jewelry pieces are essential accessories. Trust us, they will make you look and feel sharp. We suggest investing in pieces made from the finest materials. Unlike cheap gold pieces, real solid gold jewelry won’t tarnish or stain your skin. If you want to complete your looks with a little shine, then go for a chain necklace or some rings.

#4: A Good Pair of Jeans

Everyone knows jeans are timeless. Of all the clothing items men should own before turning 30, this piece is the most crucial. Find your favorite denim fit and wash and purchase multiple pairs of jeans in that same style. Well-made denim can take you through the decades to come. Plus, denim seldom looks bad.

#5: Versatile Dress Shoes

Lastly, we think every dude needs some dress shoes he can quickly slip on for both casual and dressier occasions. We recommend buying these in a material that lasts, such as leather, and we also suggest multiple pairs in different colors. Even though dress shoes are expensive, they’re well worth the upfront investment.

The Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming

The Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming

If you’re an avid gamer, you know how the quality of your setup influences your gaming. Nothing galls a gamer—no matter how serious or casual they are—more than copious buffering and connectivity glitches. While some gaming software performs fine with a Wi-Fi network, plenty of potential interferences can negatively impact the connection. When it comes to gaming, wired networks are the optimal choice. Since Ethernet cables are key components of wired networks, let’s look at the best Ethernet cables for gaming.

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Your Ethernet Options

Ethernet cables are commonly divvied into three categories: Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. The differences between Cat cables should be considered when configuring the ideal wired setup. While each cable is sure to provide greater security, flexibility, and internet speed than a wireless system, some are better suited for gaming networks than others.

Since Cat6a cables typically support a different header connection than most gaming hardware, they’re not the top Ethernet choice by the majority of gamers. The decision between Ethernet cables often comes down between Cat5e and Cat6 cables.

Cat5e Cables or Cat6 Cords: Which Are Best for Gaming?

Both Cat5e and Cat6 wires are reliable options for gaming with Ethernet. However, Cat6 comes out on top because of its greater resistance to interference than Cat5e. Cables in the Cat6 category have stricter manufacturing standards which better protects them from irritating crosstalk.


The difference in crosstalk resistance lies in the construction of the cables. Cat5e uses twisted pairs to reduce interference, while Cat6e enlists the help of a “spline.” A spline can be found within the cable itself. Its purpose is to separate the copper wires of the twisted pair. A spline produces a more stable and speedy connection because the division between wires greatly diminishes the opportunity for interference.


Gamers usually default to Cat6 cables as the best Ethernet cables for gaming because of their better bandwidth. Cat6 wires provide 10Gbps bandwidths over the Cat5e’s 1Gbps. Though not necessary for at-home gaming setups, Cat6 can span up to 100 meters (offering the same speed as Cat5e cables at more extreme distances).

What’s Next for Game of Thrones?

What's Next for Game of Thrones?

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two years since the Game of Thrones series finale aired on HBO. Some viewers were pleased with the direction the series took, while others were vocal about their disappointment. Regardless of where you fell, HBO is not calling it quits with the valuable Game of Thrones IP anytime soon. Keep reading to discover what’s next for Game of Thrones after the series finale.

The Scrapped Spin-Off

Before we dive into all the planned Game of Thrones projects, let’s talk about what could’ve been. HBO was notably developing several spin-offs from different writers and selected Jane Goldman’s offering first. According to Entertainment Weekly, the planned series was set to follow the “world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour.” The prequel series cast was led by Naomi Watts and shot a pilot that, ultimately, was not picked up by HBO.

More Dragons!

While one Game of Thrones project won’t see the light of day, there will still be plenty of others in the future. HBO is moving forward with House of the Dragon—sometime in 2022, you’ll be able to channel your inner Tyrion Lannister and watch with some delicious red wine.

House of the Dragon will begin filming soon with Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Rhys Ifans, and more attached to star. The prequel series will follow the Targaryen family hundreds of years before the Game of Thrones story we know.

Another Prequel

In addition to House of the Dragon, HBO is also in early development on a series based on George R.R. Martin’s The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight novellas. Tales of Dunk and Egg will follow Ser Duncan the Tall and Aegon V Targaryen 90 years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire.

An Animated Series

The Game of Thrones series is expected to explore different mediums in the future as well, and an animated series is in its early days of development. Not much is known about the animated series, but it is said to be adult oriented.

It’s worth noting that series creator George R.R. Martin is also working on the final novels in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, but there’s no telling when those will arrive. So, that’s what’s next for Game of Thrones, but it’s anticipated that Warner Bros. will remain committed to the franchise since it’s a valuable asset in the ongoing streaming wars.